CAMELTOE® BY ADVENTURE PARTS - Designed and Manufactured in Great Britain since 2005.


CAMELTOE® is designed, fabricated and assembled by AdventureParts in the United Kingdom. 

At AdventureParts: RTW Adventures, Rallye's and Enduro riding is what we do! So, we know what works. 

Each CAMELTOE® is manufactured utilising cutting edge technology and the finest of British Stainless Steel Armour Plate, Fixings and Rubber Components. The CAMELTOE® is not mass produced - each is finnished by hand. Our aim is to produce the most funtional and proven "Sidestand Enlarger" available in the Adventure Market Sector. The CAMELTOE® is built with proven capabilities. Dakar Rallye (2009, 2011 & 2012) Albanian Rallye (2011, 2012), Tuareg Rallye (2012), RTW Adventures and everyday usage" over the last decade with 100% success "TONKA TOUGH". Naturally, we are still the Market leader.

We only produce the CAMELTOE® for a select range of Adventure Motorcycles. If we cannot gurantee long-term AdventureParts success - We won't sell it! We continually pioneer NEW CAMELTOE® designs for NEW Adventure Motorcycle models.

Our mantra is simple "Form must follow Function" ... CAMELTOE®

"Cameltoes for KTM, BMW, YAMAHA... Our Cameltoe models do fit other makes of Adventure based Motorcycles - Including Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki etc - Please email us for enquiries if your model is not listed amongst our most popular Adventure Motorcycle brands."



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