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Welcome To Adventure Parts

Adventure Motorcycles suffer from a number of problems, 'Out of the Box'. Not least of which seem to be the manufacturers lack of commitment to design a side-stand foot - with enough scope to enable the bike to be parked on or off-road securely.

So! OEM side stands are often no use on hot tarmac, soft/uneven ground or sand. The OEM stand just sinks in under the bikes weight and over she goes. The solution - The CAMELTOE® which increases the surface area of Adventure Motorcycles OEM side-stand foot, preventing it from sinking into the ground and keeping the bike upright.

The CAMELTOE® is the world conquering 'original' solution. The CAMELTOE® brand name has become the "Colloquial Term" for this type of product. Designed by active Adventure and Rallye riders and tested in the toughest races/environments in the world from the Dakar Rallye to Round the World Adventures - We know what works! Designed, Manufactured, Hand-Finnished and Hand-Built in BRITAIN - From the finest of all Stainless Steel and Genuine Rubber Components...

CAMELTOE® is the proven market leader since 2004 - Built for Adventure by Adventure Parts™.

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